Footbeatz 0-3 Scoregasms
Nemesis 1-5 Blazers
Red Devils 6-0 Ravens
Catalans 1-8 Lukhas
United 2-1 Nemesis B

Red Devils steal 3 points off Rolls Reus

More Headlines
  • Spartans almost scare Footbeatz.
  • Man down Scoregasms win 3-2.
  • Nemesis favorites to PL title.
  • Black Hawks finally finding their footing, 3 wins in last 3 league games.
  • Lukhas put 5 past Mavericks.

March 24, 2018

by KPL Pune.

Red Devils got an early lead through Ghaisas which was soon surrendered and they found themselves trailing 2-1. However two quick goals in the second half saw them take a 3-2 lead again and a goal at the full time whistle seasled a 4-2 victory for Red Devils.

They have now won 2 of their last 3 games and look in amazing form.

"I may join in the transfer window." added Alok Page, their veteran and long awaited signing, to further lift their spirits.